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Well, Adam made it to the UK in one piece - got into Heathrow Tuesday morning and found his way to Woking where he crashed out for a bit until I came home from work.   Tuesday evening there was a little recital at my school and my friend Kay was nice enough to drive me home and then back to the school with he could make the obligatory "visit to Mom's workplace."

The recital went very well - the other music teacher and I were featuring some of our more dedicated and talented kids and it was a nice venue for that.  Adam (who is a bit of musician himself) was very impressed.

The next day, I went to work and Adam went into London for the first time.  He spent the day walking around, talking to people and checking out various little shops and sites.  We met up with A at the British Library and went out for a pint and a bite.  Adam got a huge kick out of A and vice-versa and the two of them made plans to get together Friday evening for some single-guy London activities.  Anyway, Wednesday night we went to see "Avenue Q" (which is like the Muppets, grown up, dysfunctional and on crack) and Adam loved it!

Thursday I had arranged for a personal day, so we slept in and then schlepped back to London for the afternoon.  We went to the Royal Mews
 and took the tour and then walked by Buckingham Palace and down past St James Park and into Leicester Square.  Later on we met up with [profile] pearlette for a fabulous dinner at La Tasca  where they feature an all-you-can-eat for £10 tapas deal.  Since the food was so cheap, we got two pitchers of Sangria!

I had wanted to make sure Adam had one totally British experience, so I had purchased tickets for the Spring Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.  Couldn't get much more British than 5,000 people waving the Union Jack and singing "Land of Hope and Glory!"  It reminded me very much of the Boston Pops concerts...and was a great deal of fun!  By the time we got home, it was 1:00am and I was too wired up to sleep.  Went to work the next day very fuzzy around the edges, while Adam headed into London once again, with plans to meet A for drinks and whatever that evening.

I realized at about 1:30am that Adam was...well, not home yet!  Texted A to find out that they had missed the  last train (how'd that happen, I wonder?) and Adam was crashing at his place.  Got a call from Adam this morning; he'd had a blast, everyone bought him drinks, they had lost track of time, tried to make the last train and got to the tube just as it was pulling out of the station,  they'd had to walk to A's place and he'd slept on some kind of sofa in the kitchen.  Now he was planning on staying in London for the day and doing the tour bus thing!  He sounded really good and is loving it here!

Tomorrow we plan to attend Sung Eucharist at St Paul's and maybe I'll take Adam to where my new apartment is in Kennington!  Right now, I think it's time for another cup of coffee before I plan my own day - it's sunny outside!


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