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...before I leave for NYC!

Being "home" after 6 months is both very nice and very odd.

It's nice to drive again. I thought it would feel awkward, but it didn't. Not at all. And Adam has taken very good care of the truck. Gas guzzler it may be, but it sure is a reliable vehicle.

I bought some lovely, bright curtains for my new London flat - at less than half the price of what I would be paying in the UK...and will tote them back in the BIG empty suitcase I brought over for that purpose. I even managed to fit the curtain rods! I also bought a couple of really good kitchen knives, and various small kitchen items.

My stupid lithium battery charger for my camera died - and what a time I have had finding a new charger! I finally ordered one through - but it won't be here for a few days. I say this by way of excuse for not taking pictures this weekend. ;-)

I thought I had gotten rid of most of the clutter before moving to the condo - but there is enough still here for me to be thinking "Yard Sale!"    How do we humans manage to accumulate so much
stuff???  After I come back from NYC, Adam and I will spend some time clearing out everything, getting the storage room in the basement in order and selling/giving away stuff we don't need.  Then we will fix up "my" room so Adam can rent it out on a weekly basis to students who come up here to do their clinical rotation.  That will help with expenses and maybe enable the condo to pay for itself.

Got tickets to the Harry Potter movie for opening day next Wednesday for me and Hannah....and possibly Charlotte (but who knows!)  Harry Potter and the Whatever-It-Is-This-Time...should be fun!

And now..."start spreading the news..."


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