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This is NOT a comprehensive list by any means - since I am sitting in an internet cafe and will be flying outta here in a few hours.  But I thought it would be good to make a start.  As I have begun to chronicle my adventures I am realizing how much I was able to pack in to these last four years!  It really has been a great ride!

Bath - went to the spa and watched my daughter dissolve into ecstasy when she bit into a Sally Lunn Bun!
York - walked the ancient wall, went to evensong in the beautiful cathedral
Cambridge - did a walking tour and bought stuff at the historical outdoor market
Oxford - where it all began!  Mooted, mooted and mooted again.  Met A for the first time...and later, met [ profile] pearlette .  Tolkien's gravesite and the Radcliffe Camera, picked up cobblestones from the courtyard and found out how bad I am at punting.
Liverpool - great day trip!  All Beatles, all the time.
Isle of Wight - day trip, weekend and an "extended field trip" with 100 5th graders.  Hiked, ate, saw the rescued tigers and other animals, visited Queen Victoria's residence.
Cornwall - fantastic few days with Pearlette - hiked all around "The Lizard" - petted the ponies, sat in the hot tub, relaxed on the beach.
Cotswolds - stayed at a friend's B & B.  Visited a National Trust museum and a special farm for over 100 varieties of chicken!  Went to Stratford and saw an amazing production of "Julius Caesar."  
Portsmouth - Hung out by the sea, climbed the Spinnaker Tower.
Glasgow (and beyond) Took a bus trip up to the highlands and breathed the free air!
Wales near Cardiff.  Visited the ruined abbey and an ancient castle.
Iona - beautiful, remote island.  Spiritual and refreshing.
Norwich - didn't hear the bells of Julian, but had a lovely walk on the beach and climbed a tower with a great view!
Exmoor (and the Lynton and Lynmouth cliff railway.)  Beautiful area - lots of sheep and lambs bounding about.
Edinburgh - worked as a volunteer for a week at the Fringe Festival - had a great time, and discovered the Best Scotch Whiskey EVER.
Lots of hikes just outside London - the lost village of Dode, the Goring Gap, the Thames path, Box Hill...

I'm sure there are more...and I never did get to the White Cliffs of Dover!  I'll have to come back!
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