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The day after Christmas, I decided it was high time to get myself out of the house for real. So I made my way into Boston. I was planning to go to see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and then to try to get to see the "Christmas Revels" up at the Sanders Theatre in Cambridge - which I had never seen, despite being in Boston for so many years!

when I got to South Station, I took myself to Dim Sum in Chinatown. What passes for Dim Sum in London...isn't. So even though I was by myself, I indulged. While I was eating the pork dumplings, I made a call to the theatre, thinking to reserve tickets, but there was a $4.00 booking fee. I decided to head straight up there instead. At the box office, I was told that they were completely sold out - even the restricted view. I could come back 30 minutes before the show for returns. As I turned away, a woman behind me said, "Wait, I think I can get you an extra ticket." Turns out she had reserved one more than she needed...and I was in the right place at the right time!

Ticket securely in my wallet, I headed down towards the Galleria Mall, where I had to return something. It's right nest to the Science Museum, so my plan was to mosey over there afterwards. I left the store, I saw a Nail Place. And they were having a pedicure special. And my feet were a mess. And tired. So - that's what I did. A deluxe spa pedicure, including massage, special clay on my feet and legs, and smoothing my heels. Oh, and a leg wax. Why not? Needless to say, I never made it to the museum. Instead, I had just enough time to head back up to Harvard Square and spend the gift certificate from Luke at Lush! They were having a sale - buy any specially marked product and get TWO MORE for free. I stocked up.

My seat at the Revels was fantastic - second row of the mezzanine. This year, it was an Early American theme. Just fantastic and I'd like to take the whole family next year. You can read more about the Revels here.

Sunday, Hannah and Luke returned from their Dad's to scoop me up and take me out to my brother's in New York. This is the same brother's where we have our annual tree burn and I got a huge kick out of seeing the Christmas tree all green and decked out in ornaments...and knowing that the next time I see it, it will be dry and brittle and ready to go up in a blaze of glory! I left Luke there and Hannah took me to the train station so I could make the trek out to Rochester to visit my oldest and dearest friend...we've known each other since kindergarten. That makes our friendship 50 years old! Hard to believe!

As usual, we talked, laughed, reminiscenced, gossiped and bitched. Her husband is a good sort and they've been through trials and tribulations, but managed to weather the storms, raise 3 great boys and still keep a sense of humor. I feel newly blessed every time we reconnect.

On the train on the way back I looked at the Amtrak map and determined to take a train trip across the country this summer or next. You can get a 45-day rail pass for $750!

Back to Doug's in time to go to the airport to pick up my youngest brother, who was stopping in for a few the timing was perfect!

One more day at the condo and then Luke and I took the train to Boston, had a quick lunch and then he was off to his Dad's and I was off to the airport. I wanted to get their early due to all the new security BS, but I was through the gates in no time! An uneventful flight (I watched the movie "500 Days of Summer" and loved it!) and was back in London and in my flat by 10:00am.

When I got back to work, the first thing I saw in my mailbox was the "Intent to return" form. After this visit home, I was sure. I checked the "No" box, wrote my letter of resignation and now am starting to make plans for my final trip home in June
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